Professional Sole Design
with Mentoring and Certification

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Course overview
The “Professional Sole Design course” is the only online course aiming footwear professionals who have a good level yet would like to deepen their know-how and skills on sole design.

The course takes you from the history of soles up to the digital reality of the present time covering everything you need to know about what makes a sole become a great sole: Moulding types, manufacturing, design journey from the brief to proto, performance rules on outsoles, why and how to choose the materials, design tips on how to obtain different results on different budgets, sneaker and fashion soles and to finish with the sustainability on soles.

The course applies the theory to practice through the design videos made by the instructor. After watching them the students can design their own soles following the brief and they can have a live revision from the instructor where she will be there for any questions and clarifications.
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Includes personal mentoring

Includes certification

12 months availability

This course is also available without mentoring and with 6 months availability

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What is included?

8 Modules

The course is divided in 8 modules and will carry you through the most common types of soles

Access to our Discord Channel

We guarantee you an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance

68 Video Sessions

More than 10 hours of video playback

Access for 12 Months

Learn at your own pace with unlimited access to the class content for 12 months

Downloadable contents

2 assignments to test your new skills reviewed by your instructor
Meet the instructor

Defne Yalkut

Patrick Jones - Course author
Defne Yalkut is coming from a fashion design background and has entered the footwear world by being hired by Vibram, the world leader brand of outsoles where she worked as senior designer for 12 years.

She designed soles for a vast number brands on outdoor like Merrell, Hi-Tec, Scarpa, as well as for fashion brands like Hugo Boss, Visvim, Paul Smith, Armani and many others.

She constantly teaches Sole Design in Istituto Europeo del Design-Milan and ARSUTORIA.

Since 2017 she owns her own design studio giving design services on soles and footwear mostly on performance and outdoor segments for different brands all over the world.

She constantly seeks growth and her passion for design is the heart of her profession. 


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Professional Sole Design

History of soles
Sole Types
Sole materials
Moulding Types
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From Brief to Prototype

Sketching-B/W design
Tech-pack preparation
2D design reading
3D design check
Mock-up types
Performance map
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Performance Rules

Soles and Bio-mechanics
Minimalism vs Maximalism
Trekking soles rules
Trail running soles rules
Road running soles rules
Sailing &Water sports soles rules
Winter-Snow&Ice soles rules
Basketball soles rules
Tennis soles rules
Safety soles & special soles
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Design Class-Trekking

Setting the layout
Sketching the sole profile
Setting the Bottom design
Defining the bottom design
Lug design
Retouching the particulars
Finalization of the design
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Urban Sneakers

Major sole inventions
Retro sneakers
Volume & Layering
Side Printing
TPU Film application
Digital Printing
Hot Knife
Digital design Applications
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Design Class-Sneakers

Setting the layout
Sketching the sole profile
Setting the Bottom design
Defining the bottom design
Retouching the particulars
Finalisation of the design
Light rendering with markers
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Fashion Soles

Dress soles
Moccasin soles
Wedges and Heels
High Fashion brand sneakers
Sandal Soles
Sheet & surface design
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Sustainability on soles

Bio based materials
Natural sole materials
Recycled sole materials
Mono-material soles&uppers
No glue upper-sole integration
Design principles of sustainable soles
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Professional Sole Design
+ Mentoring & Certification